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Safe, Effective, Non-toxic Skincare

KalVera products are 100% plant and mineral based, and designed to slow the signs of aging by nourishing and supplementing the skin with the proper combination of plant and minerals to improve the look of blemishes, age spots and restore moisture. KalVera provides antioxidants and other high-quality ingredients for a gentle, yet effective treatment of most skin concerns.

The best part: our natural skin care products are safe and effective for everyone: any skin type, any pigment, any age.


What Makes Us Different

When our founder Dr. Kalpana DePasquale was in her mid-30s she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. A quick survey of the products in her bathroom left her appalled at the chemicals she had been putting on her skin.

As she began her search for safe and effective skincare products, she became infuriated with the deceptive use of the term “natural” by many major brands. And while the plant-based lines she found didn’t do anything to hurt her skin, they didn’t do anything to help either.

That’s when Dr. D decided to use her background as a physician to create a 100% plant and mineral based line that was both safe and effective. From fighting the signs of aging to clearing up acne, KalVera will give everyone in your family the healthy, radiant skin they deserve.


Commitment To Transparency

Did you know “natural” isn’t a term regulated by the FDA? Many “natural” skincare products are secretly hiding chemicals in catch-all ingredients such as “Fragrance.” We don’t know about you – but that makes us angry.

That’s why our products are 100% plant and mineral based and all our ingredients are clearly disclosed. Have a question about any of our ingredients? We’re just an email away.

Beyond providing you with products that make your skin healthy and radiant we are committed to educating you about why we created each product and what you’re really putting on your skin.

KalVera is proud to be cruelty free. We’re certified by Leaping Bunny and approved by PETA.

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