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KalVera Skincare Born From Cancer Diagnosis

When Dr. D was in her early 30s, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. As a doctor, her first instinct was to check the ingredients in the products she was using, including her beauty products. She was shocked to find the medical-grade products she used—and recommended to her patients—were full of chemicals and other harsh ingredients.

Unfortunately, her research turned up no solutions. Looking beyond labels that touted “natural” and “organic” ingredients, she couldn’t find any natural skin care products that were both plant-based and physician-grade.

In 2013, Dr. D decided to create her own natural skin care line, KalVera Skincare. With these products, Dr. D and her patients could achieve medical benefits such as reducing the appearance of age spots and improving the tone and texture of their skin, without compromising on what they put on their skin. And now, the natural skin care line is available to consumers everywhere!

The KalVera Skincare Difference

Most medical-grade skin care products are full of chemicals and harsh ingredients, but many commercially available plant-based alternatives lack the benefits of physician-grade formulas. Plant-based products, in particular, generally fail to treat aging skin.

KalVera Skincare products are 100% plant and mineral based, and designed to slow the signs of aging by nourishing and supplementing the skin with the proper combination of plant and minerals to improve the look of blemishes, age spots and restore moisture. KalVera Skincare provides antioxidants and other high-quality ingredients for a gentle, yet effective treatment of most skin concerns.

The best part: our natural skin care products are safe and effective for everyone . . .

Any skin type.

Any pigment.

Male or female.leapingbunny-clr

Young or old.

And, all of our products have been certified by Leaping Bunny and approved by PETA, which means we never test our products on animals.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

I have dealt with oily skin with breakouts off and on since my teen years and have found most over the counter products to be less than effective. I finally have had enough and decided try something different. I recently received the Multi-Action Serum by KalVera Skincare.

This is perfect for everyday use and won’t dry your skin. This serum absorbs quickly and I can easily apply my makeup after. A small bit of this goes a long way. This works by locking in the moisture and reduces oil, annoying shine, and reduces breakouts and blemishes. This will leave your skin looking brighter and balanced.

I use this in the morning and again at night before I go to bed. I have far less blemishes and breakouts, my skin is less oily and overall looks and feels more healthier than before. My makeup seems to last longer as well since using this and my face feels softer. I love that I have finally found a product that addresses the problems I’ve had since being in my teen years. – Amber 


I have always struggled with bad skin and it has always been so frustrating! I am skeptical about what I put on my skin and all of the chemicals in most products. When I started using KalVera Skincare, I had my doubts of a natural product line, but they have developed products that are not only safe to use, but also very effective. My favorite products are the Hydrating Toner and the Multi-Action Serum. My acne is under control and my skin has never been so supple! I’m a user for life! – Alaina


I had a lot of dark spots in my face, that made me extremely self conscious but after just 2 uses I was beginning to see results so I got very excited!!!
I can definitely see that almost all the marks are starting to fade and my overall skin tone has evened out too. This one doesn’t make my face feels oily or make me shiny during the day, so I can wear my makeup right on top of it without a problem! I will repurchasing again. Well worth the price!! – Kayrina