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Caring for Ethnic Skin and Hyperpigmentation


Our skin is a complex organ that has a lot of power to tell about our health and overall well-being through its appearance. Skin can plagued by acne, dryness, uneven patches, or, as we discuss today, hyperpigmentation. Any type of skin can show signs of aging or trouble in the form of hyperpigmentation—which is essentially the name for dark spots—this is particular issue and challenge for ethnic skin.

Ethnic skin, by definition, can be used to describe Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Southern European, South American, and Native American skin.

These types of skin can show hyperpigmentation in a different way than lighter skin tones and often require a specific approach to caring and treating dark spots and finicky issues with hyperpigmentation.

Remember to advocate for yourself and your darker skin. Skin problems present differently with dark skin and are therefore at risk for misdiagnosis and resulting treatments may be less effective—perhaps even exacerbating the issue.

Hyperpigmentation, aka dark spots, and melasma, which are brown or grey patches that are usually due to hormonal changes, are common issues for ethnic skin.

Once you have received proper diagnosis, it will be time to establish care and routine.

A common problem is overloading skin with products and aggressive care.

It’s advised to avoid exfoliating excessively when dealing with hyperpigmentation, for instance, and that is one of the most popular at-home routines women tend to embrace. Instead of bogging down your counter, and weekly regimen with products and rituals, choose a few good products to effectively treat and manage your ethnic skin hyperpigmentation issues.

Practicing meticulous sun protection and choosing a skincare line that is natural and safe for your ethnic skin are great steps toward treating and managing hyperpigmentation.

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