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What should I do if the pump on my bottle is not working?

Most of the KalVera Skincare products are packaged with an airless pump. This means that there is not a tube in your bottle
taking up space! Pressure is created within the bottle to force the products out of the dispenser, without the use of
a tube. In the event that the pump is not working, it may just need some priming. Try pumping the container 10-20 times
with long, slow pumps.

What if the priming still doesn’t work?

Sometimes an air bubble can get caught in the container, making it difficult to pump the product out. In this event take
a paperclip and push it into the small circular opening on the bottom of the container. NEVER unscrew the cap. This destroys
the pressure seal and is going to make it even hard to pump out.

Why and when should I start using skin care products?

The right time to start taking care of your skin is a personal choice. Some choose to wait until they start seeing adverse
changes and others want to maintain a healthy glow to their skin throughout their lifetime. Dr. DePasquale recommends
starting basic skin care (proper cleanser, toner, lightweight moisturizer) in your early to mid 20’s to preserve your
skin health.

Are KalVera Skincare products 100% natural?

KalVera Skincare utilizes only quality ingredients and is made of botanicals, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and plant

What if I have acne prone skin? Can I still use this skincare product?

Yes, of course! KalVera Skincare is made of natural and gentle ingredients to soothe even the most irritated skin. All of
our products are non-comedogenic and will not clog pores or irritate acne-prone skin. We recommend the full KalVera system
of products to help treat and prevent acne as well as helping to lighten acne scarring.

How does KalVera Skincare differ from other natural product lines?

KalVera Skincare is a physician formulated skin care line developed for Dr. Kalpana DePasquale. She worked closely with a
team of chemists to develop a medical grade skin care line that is effective yet gentle on all skin types and ethnicities.

Can any skin type or ethnicity use KalVera Skincare?

Our KalVera skin care products were made for people with all skin types and ethnicities in mind. Our products are effective,
yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. One of the most significant reasons that Dr. DePasquale developed
KalVera Skincare is due to her own skin care struggles with having a darker complexion. Our main goal with KalVera Skincare
is to be able to provide quality skin care products that can be used by anyone.

How do I know what I should use on my skin?

KalVera is made for all skin types and ethnicities. There are many options in our skin care line for both dry and oily skin.
We do offer complimentary consultations at our office with our medically trained aesthetician to help guide you in choosing
the best products for you. Can’t make it to the office? No worries, simply email or call us and you’ll be directed straight
to one of our skincare experts!

Will my skin go through any phases when starting this product line?

Your skin may go through phases when you first start using KalVera Skincare. Everyone’s skin adapts differently to different
products. The adaptation phase can include acne, redness, and mild irritation. These issues should resolve in 2-3 weeks.

When should I start to notice results?

Most clients start to notice results within 4-6 weeks. However, consistency is key! Make sure you are using your products

Why it is important for men to use skincare products?

Men’s skin care is more mainstream than ever before. Men tend to have thicker and oilier skin as well as larger pores. Shaving
on a regular basis also causes severe dehydration to the skin. Most aftershaves contain a high amount of alcohol which
causes more issues to the skin. During the aging process, men are more likely to get deep, heavy wrinkles. A couple of
quick, simple steps can be monumental in preserving a youthful, healthy appearance for even the most rugged man.

Can I use KalVera Skincare while pregnant or Breast Feeding?

Yes! However, we always recommend getting approval from your OB/GYN when using the Luminous Cleanser and Retinal Elixir.
A full list of our ingredients can be found on each product page.

Is KalVera Skincare Vegan-Friendly or Cruelty-Free?

We are proud to say that KalVera Skincare does not ever test on animals and is leaping bunny and PETA certified. All of our
products are Vegan except for our Hydrating Toner which does contain Honey.

How long will my products last?

Here at KalVera Skincare we know that everyone’s skin is unique and therefore everyone will utilize their product differently.
However, when used according to our product guide included in every KalVera Skincare order our full-size products last,
on average, 3 months or more.

I have very sensitive skin, can I still use KalVera?

KalVera skincare was created for all skin types, even the most sensitive. All skin has different needs so it is important
to follow the inserted KalVera Product Guide to guide you through how to utilize the products to best suit your skin’s
needs. For sensitive skin types, try the Toner or Multi Action Serum which can work great for soothing, hydrating, and
reducing redness!

What is KalVera’s return policy?

We strive for customer satisfaction and honor a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not love your product!

Is KalVera Skincare safe for teenagers to use as well?

Yes! KalVera Skincare works great, even teenage skin and is a fantastic option to help improve the appearance of hormonal
acne and breakouts.

What if my skin cannot tolerate using the Luminous Cleanser every day?

We recommend supplementing the Luminous Cleanser with a gentle cleanser free from exfoliants. Ensure you thoroughly evaluate
the ingredients since certain chemicals can impede your results.

Can I use the Luminous Cleanser to remove my make-up?

For best results, it’s always important to remove makeup prior to cleansing. This ensures that your cleanser can work hard
at breaking down dirt and debris in your pores instead of working hard at breaking down your makeup. The Luminous Cleanser
should never be used to remove makeup around the eyes as sensitivities can occur.

Do I really need to use a Toner?

Yes, of course! For most people, toner is the one essential step they are missing in their routine! Our hydrating toner does
double duty by removing acne causing bacteria while delivering moisture deep into the skin. Toner will also help balance
your skin’s pH for optimal health!

If I’m acne prone is this still a good toner for me?

Our Hydrating Toner works great for all skin types. The hydrating toner contains a powerful prebiotic to boost the skin’s
immunity to fight acne-causing bacteria. It also contains a highly concentrated Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acid to help
reduce inflammation in the skin. Lastly, it will help keep oily acne prone skin well hydrated so it does not become too
dried out.

What if my skin is still very dry even when using the serum twice daily?

Some patients may find that even when using the serum twice daily they still feel a little dry. If this is the case, try
adding a cream moisturizer on at night. Ensure you thoroughly evaluate the ingredients since certain chemicals can impede
your results.

If I have acne prone skin, do I still need to moisturize?

Yes, of course! One of the most skipped steps by those with acne prone skin is a moisturizer. When oily skin is not moisturized
the skin sends signals to the brain that it’s not producing enough oil and will send you into a never-ending cycle! Our
multi-action Serum is formulated to be light enough not to clog pores but hydrating enough to balance the skin. It also
contains anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce redness.

Can I use the age spot twice a day?

At KalVera Skincare we recommend using the Age Spot Remedy 1-2x per day. When trying to maintain an even complexion apply
2-3 pumps over entire face and neck. When trying to lighten a spot or brighten the skin we recommend applying 2-3 pumps
twice daily over the area to be treated.

Will this get rid of all my spots for good?

The Age Spot Remedy will help improve the appearance of discoloration and hyperpigmentation as well as brighten the overall
skin complexion. Most discoloration is due to sun damage and all hyperpigmentation has the susceptibility to come back
if you are not careful about your sun exposure. Here at KalVera Skincare we recommend using a physical based sunscreen
with broad-spectrum protection of an SPF 30-50. Ensure to reapply every 2 hours when outdoors.

Can I use the retinal twice a day?

We recommend using the Retinal Elixir once daily before bed.

What if my skin can’t tolerate the retinal nightly?

If your skin can’t tolerate the retinal nightly try using it every other night.


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