4 Surprising Things About Botox That MedSpas Don’t Want You To Know.

Women putting finger to her lips to shh.
Not all Med Spas have your best skin-interest at heart.

1. Botox is a short-term fix.

If you know anything about the beauty industry it’s that botox and fillers are currently having a moment. If you type Botox into Google you may be bombarded with the various med spas in your area offering book 1 unit get 10 free or book 1 filler syringe and get 10 botox units. Why is this? The beauty industry has driven us to seek perfection by using botox and fillers to fix our aging skin. The reality? Perfection doesn’t exist, and when we constantly compare ourselves to the beauty industry’s version of “perfect”, we enter a vicious, never-ending cycle.

2. Fixing wrinkles doesn’t magically make you “younger”

Med spas want you to get on the botox track as soon as possible by convincing you that wrinkles are what makes you look older and that, for younger patients, you need to start getting it before lines even appear. They may even suggest treatments, like filler, on parts of the face you didn’t come in for (eh, thanks for the confidence boost). But fear not, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - Med-Tech Facials and focusing on skin health.

3. Healthy skin, not “looking younger” is the goal.

Skin, much like the rest of your body, has to be healthy to look healthy. That’s where med-tech facials come in. Though not as widely talked about as botox and filler, medical-grade facials are a non-invasive, pain-free way to start treating your skin. The best part about medical-grade facials? They don’t alter your face to an unnatural display of perfect symmetry. Instead, they provide long-term skin health benefits while still allowing your face to tell a story.

4. You are already beautiful.

While the beauty industry and Med spas want you to believe they can make you beautiful, Kalvera Skin Therapy wants to help you unlock your potential and realize you are already beautiful.

By Angela H.

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