How Botox And Filler Injections Made Kalvera’s Founder More Honest About Her Skin.

Being a doctor and an injectables expert, our CEO, and founder, Dr. K, could inject herself whenever she saw something she didn’t like about her face. Sounds pretty great, huh? Not so fast. After time and time of injecting botox and fillers, Dr. K realized that even though she was “fixing” certain aspects of her face, her skin didn’t look its best. Why? Because. Botox. Is. Not. A. Substitute. For. Good. Skin. Health. If you look to botox and fillers to work wonders on your skin but neglect a good skincare routine, you will still have tired skin yet with an illusion of... Dr. K started to notice that her skin still looked tired yet didn’t look natural. She found more satisfaction when starting with skin health first so she started to minimize injectables and shifted her focus on a good skin health routine consisting of a consistent skincare regimen and a combination of laser facials and med-tech facials. These new treatment plans started to give her the rejuvenated, fresh-looking skin she craved.

Kalveras Founder, Dr kalpana sundar
Dr. K minimized injectables at the age of 51 and uses other methods to target overall skin health.

At Kalvera Skin Therapy, we respect how people wish to address the way their skin ages. Each person has a philosophy unique to them and we focus on listening, not trying to persuade or use judgment to push a specific treatment. Yet for some, like Dr. K, making the personal decision to minimize injectables at 51 and focus on skin health was the skin awakening she craved.

By Angela H.

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