Just Got Back From A Vacation? Why You Should Get A Med-Tech Facial ASAP.

Vacation season is almost here! That means more sunscreen, sweat, and sun exposure. Though you might come back from vacation feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, your skin may feel otherwise.

beach towel with beach hat on it
Med-Tech Facials can unclog pores full of sweat and sunscreen while also targeting any new UV damage.

Heading to a humid, hot climate? This means more sweat and thus the risk for clogged pores (think about how much your sweat mixes with your SPF throughout the day). Spending time lounging in the sun? Even with the application of SPF, it’s likely that water activities and sweat may decrease the effectiveness of sunscreen, leading to an increased chance of sun damage (always be sure to frequently reapply your SPF!). Planning a camping trip to the mountains or desert? Thanks to low humidity, this may leave your skin feeling dry and cracked.

A Kalvera Skin Therapy Med-Tech Facial, found at our Kalvera Skin Therapy: Jacksonville Beach location, can provide the after-vacay pick-me-up your skin needs. Gentle exfoliation and extractions can work wonders on clogged pores and sun-damaged skin. Or maybe you’re looking for a personalized skin infusion to add a boost of hydration, replenish your natural PH, or target those extra stubborn blackheads. Just because you went on vacation, doesn’t mean your skin health routine needs to!

By Angela H.

🗣. Heading on vacation soon? Book your Med-Tech Facial now and be ready to jump right back into your skin health routine!