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Med-Tech Facials And Laser Facials: Two Powerful Ways To Reveal Beautiful Skin.

As much as we love and support a good skincare routine, routines are just one-half of achieving luminous, clear, healthy skin. The other half? Consistent medical-grade facials. Our favorite treatments for skin that looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside; the Kalvera Skin Therapy Med-Tech Facial and the Kalvera Skin Therapy Laser Facial, both of which are offered at our Kalvera Skin Therapy: Jacksonville Beach location!

man receiving a laser facial
Med-Tech Facials and Laser Facials are non-invasive options to lasting skin health.

Looking for a facial that targets multiple skin concerns, works on all skin types, and requires zero downtime? Check out our Med-Tech Facial. This is really the all-star of facials. If you're looking to address a variety of skin concerns (think hyperpigmentation, dry skin, wrinkles, clogged pores, and more) this is the treatment for you. Our Med-Tech Facial works by providing extractions, exfoliation, and infusions (which can be customized to your skin type!). Worried about sensitive skin? We can adjust the strength of the suction, which also allows us to target the delicate under-eye skin that’s usually missed with other facials. You’ll walk out more refreshed than when you walked in.

Is your primary concern scars left behind from acne, wrinkles, and aging, or sun damage? Our Laser Facial may be right for you. Think of our Laser Facial as a step above a chemical peel. Your Skin Therapist will gently guide a hand-held laser across your face, creating millions of microscopic healing points in the upper layers of your skin. These healing points remove the outer, damaged layer of skin to reveal healthy skin underneath as well as triggering new collagen production and skin elasticity. The results? Improved fine lines, reduced pores, and renewed skin tone and texture. Suffer from acne? You might find relief with consistent Laser Facial usage as lasers can help unclog pores and calm inflammation. Even better, this treatment is non-invasive and requires minimal downtime (though after the first 24 hours, there may be shedding of dead skin cells, which is completely normal!). Say hello to bright, clear, smooth skin.

By Angela H.

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