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Med-Tech Facials May Be the Best Kept Skincare Secret, and Here's Why.

Updated: Mar 22

Confused about what exactly your skin needs to achieve that show-stopping glow? Lost on what steps to take to invest in lasting skin health? Overwhelmed with all the options, trends, and influencer opinions? We hear you. We’re here to help cut through the noise and talk about one of our favorite categories of skincare treatments that does it all: med-tech facials.

women receiving a med-tech facial
Kalvera Skin Therapy Med-tech Facials provide extraction, exfoliation, and personalized infusions customized for your specific skin type.

What is a Kalvera Skin Therapy Dermasweep med-tech facial?

Before we get into all the goodness that makes up a med-tech facial, it is important to understand what a med-tech facial is not. Manual facials, or “fluff and buff” facials, are done by hand, geared towards relaxation, might highlight one skin concern, and provide short-term solutions that leave the skin feeling dewy. This is not the same experience and results you will see with med-tech facials. Med-tech facials, such as Hydrafacials, Microdermabrasians, and Dermasweep, are focused on skin health and use medical-grade technology to provide significant long-term benefits.

Kalvera Skin Therapy’s med-tech facial, called a DermaFacial, combines the best of all of the med-tech facial technologies. Yup, that’s right, with our DermaFacial you can expect exfoliation, extraction by suctioning impurities, improved circulation and increased collagen production, and infusions into the skin. To truly understand the magnitude of this treatment, we’ve broken down some key points that illustrate what makes Kalvera’s DermaFacial far superior to the common “fluff and buff” facial.

  • Dry vs. Wet: As Dr. Sundar likes to say, “if it’s on your skin it’s not in your skin”. Whereas many facials leave you feeling dewy and moist due to an abundance of product sitting on the outer layer of skin, our facial technology allows for 100% of the infusion to be absorbed (which is key to seeing lasting results).

  • Skin Health vs. Pampering: Med-tech facials are focused on efficient results. With just one treatment you will see significant improvement in the resiliency and suppleness of your skin, putting you on the right path to overall skin health!

  • Entire Face vs. Partial Face: With “fluff and buff” facials you can’t address the eye area. Because a med-tech facial is not a wet treatment, we can address the eye area and safely improve elasticity and thickening on some of the thinnest skin on your face. Win!

  • Long Term Results vs. Short Term Results: Manual facials focus on solving short-term problems but med-tech facials provide significant long-term benefits. If you’re looking for results that last, a med-tech facial is a no-brainer.

  • Equipment vs. Hands-On: A med-tech facial utilizes a wand throughout the entire treatment. That means no hands will be working on your face; an added bonus to eliminate close contact during COVID. The med-tech wand has more capability than human hands and can provide better exfoliation, suction, and circulation (queue glowing skin!).

What makes Kalvera Skin Therapy DermaFacials different?

Med-tech facials are most often performed at med spas and dermatologists’ offices - we don’t know about you, but we never feel like our best selves when we go to those outdated clinical spaces. At Kalvera Skin Therapy in Jacksonville Beach, you’ll find a modern atmosphere full of art that empowers women and friendly, knowledgeable staff. We focus on feeling energetic, youthful, and highlighting natural beauty.

Another big difference is that Kalvera Skin Therapy is a woman-owned med spa that focuses solely on making your skin healthy. Our founding physician, Dr. Kalpana Sundar, is fueled by a philosophy that true beauty comes from within and is enhanced by healthy skin.

When it comes to treatments, Kalvera Skin Therapy assesses your skin health before your procedure using our Skin Analysis Machine which reveals the current state of your skin and helps identify the top 3 areas that need improvement. Once the scan is complete, your skin therapist will use a customized infusion targeted to your skincare needs. To be sure you stay on top of your skin health gameplan, we have physician-formulated product regimens for post-treatment care.

Kalvera Med-Tech Facial Comparison Chart
Kalvera Med-Tech Facials vs. Traditional Facials

How long do med-tech facials take?

We know life is busy but we don’t think that means you have to sacrifice your skin health. Though we are firm believers in all things self-care, our facials are focused more on skin health versus manual “fluff and buff” facials focused on pampering. Whereas some manual facials may be as long as 45-90 minutes, our med-tech facials are so effective and efficient that they can be completed in 30 minutes (some people even come in on their lunch break!). If you’re a busy woman looking for real, efficient results, you’ve come to the right place.

What skin types can benefit from a med-tech facial?

We have yet to meet someone whose skin doesn’t benefit from our med-tech facials! Since our med-tech facials can work to solve an array of skin concerns, this treatment is great for anyone and everyone regardless of their skin type.

What is the downtime with a med-tech facial?

Med-tech facials are a non-invasive treatment and don’t require much downtime. With Kalvera’s DermaFacial there is occasional temporary redness and petechia (a hickey-like mark from the suction of the wand) that can last for a few hours. Other side effects include increased collagen production, improved skin clarity, and enviable skin health! As with any good skincare routine, we highly encourage slathering on the sunscreen (SPF 30 or more!) post-treatment.

aerial view of women in spa chair receiving a med-tech facial
Fast yet effective, the Kalvera Skin Therapy Med-tech Facial will provide significant results in under 30 minutes.

Is a med-tech facial worth the cost?

If you have $200 and the time to spend pampering yourself with facemasks and a good neck massage, we say go for it! However, don’t be surprised if you don’t see a drastic improvement in your skin health.

Manual facials that include exfoliation, extractions, and a serum, typically cost $100-$200, usually take 45-60min, and, since they are done manually by hand, they use a lot of product that stops at the outer layer of skin, hence the dewy feel. Kalvera DermaFacials cost $239, take 20 min, use data to personalize your procedure, and infuse 100% of the serum into your skin.

Think of med-tech facials as an investment in your skin health. Consistent med-tech facials paired with an efficient skincare routine can keep skin concerns at bay.

How often should I get a med-tech facial?

Though frequency can depend on the person and their skin concerns, you can’t go wrong with treatment once a month. Once you’ve completed a Kalvera Skin Scan Analysis your licensed skin therapist (that’s what we call our licensed medical estheticians) will be able to create a customized treatment plan. Most clients start with a series of 4-6 treatments over a span of 2-6 weeks to provide a new skin health baseline, and once that baseline is achieved it comes down to skin maintenance; a med-tech facial about every 6-8 weeks supported by effective, non-toxic skincare products and a personalized routine.

By Angela H.

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