Move Over Chemical Peels, Med-Tech Facials And Infusions Have You Beat!

If you’re looking for all the benefits of a chemical peel without the dreaded downtown, a Med-Tech Facial is the solution you need. Chemical peels are used to strip off the top layer of skin and range anywhere from superficial peels (the lowest and least damaging) to deep peels (get ready for weeks of red, flaky skin). Why is the Med-tech Facial superior to chemical peels? Not only does it give your skin the same effect as a chemical peel, but it also clears pores, hydrates dry skin, improves fine lines and wrinkles, and much more. In addition, with a Med-Tech Facial, you can pick a customized PeelFusion for your skin type. This targeted skin infusion combines chemical exfoliation with the benefits of circulation and hydration. Think of a Med-Tech Facial as a superficial to medium chemical peel with added benefits and zero skin damage or downtime.

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The long term benefits of a Med Tech Facial far outweigh those of a chemical peel.

Another downside to chemical peels? They may not be the best option depending on your skin tone. On certain skin tones, like melanin-rich skin, chemical peels can actually cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This means instead of clearing dark spots and hyperpigmentation, certain chemical peels can make those skin concerns worse and cause scarring. On the other hand, Med-Tech Facials provide the same benefits to all, regardless of your skin tone, making them the best and most inclusive facial option.

By Angela H.

🗣. Med-Tech Facials are a much more extensive and all-encompassing treatment than chemical peels. If you’re looking to improve skin tone and texture, book a Med-Tech Facial and visit us at Kalvera Skin Therapy: Jacksonville Beach today!