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Overwhelmed by Skincare Options? Time for a Skin Scan.

Updated: Mar 23

Oily, combination, acne-prone, dry, aging….the list of skin types can be overwhelming. Many of you may be guessing your skin type and some of you may have no idea what a skin type is (hey, skin can be confusing!).

The problem with guessing your skin type is that you can only see the outer layer of your skin, not what may be hiding beneath the surface (which is more than you’d think!). And, because nothing in life is easy, your skin type can change based on environmental factors, age, and hormones. Feeling overwhelmed? We got you. Enter the Kalvera Skin Therapy Skin Scan System. After our Skin Scan, you’ll be skipping out the door knowing exactly what your skin is doing, on the surface and under the surface, and armed with a personalized treatment plan for your skin needs.

What is a Skin Scan?

A Skin Scan is the first step in your skin health journey (which is never too late to start!). The Kalvera Skin Scan System measures skin conditions on the surface of your skin and beneath the surface of your skin in 8 key areas: wrinkles, pores, hyperpigmentation, texture, porphyrins (clogged pores), UV spots, brown spots, and red areas. What does all this mean? You’ll get real, data-driven answers. No more guessing games about your skin health.

Your Kalvera Skin Therapist will review your results to create a customized skin health treatment plan.

Who can benefit from a Skin Scan?

Anyone and everyone who wants answers about their skin (which should be all of y'all; good skin never goes out of style)! Our Skin Scan is a quick, painless process that takes less than 5 minutes. In order for your skin to improve, you need to give it what it wants. How do you know what your skin wants? You probably don’t, but we do. At Kalvera, we recognize that no two people have the same skin. Your skin is uniquely you and we believe your treatment should reflect that individuality. With our Skin Scan System, not only will you understand everything going on with your skin, your results will be analyzed to tailor a custom-made treatment plan for you.

What can I expect from a Skin Scan?

You’ll be seated in front of the scan with your chin resting on the machine (which is sanitized after every client!). In under 5 minutes, with your eyes closed, the Skin Scan will start rotating and take left, right, and frontal facial views of your face. In addition to identifying 8 key areas of skin concerns, the scan will be able to use comparisons from the world's largest skin health database (who knew that was a thing?) and give your skin health a score. Using your results, our licensed estheticians (Kalvera Skin Therapists) will translate that data to teach you about your skin type and recommend a physician-approved treatment plan that includes customized facials and skincare products to get your skin health back on track!

Our Skin Scan System analyzes damage in 8 areas of your skin by taking left, right, and frontal pictures of your face.

How often should I get a Skin Scan?

Your first Skin Scan will provide a baseline for your skin health. Depending on your skin condition and the goals you and your Skin Therapist discussed, additional Skin Scans will be recommended as needed. We usually recommend a Skin Scan every 3 months to gauge how your skin health is improving and, if needed, tweak your personalized skin health plan. But hey, we won’t be surprised if you keep coming back for more. Once you start seeing skin improvements, or shall we say “skinprovements” (😂 ), you won’t want to stop.

How much does a Skin Scan Analysis at Kalvera Skin Therapy cost?

Our Skin Scan costs $50 on its own or free if added to any of our treatments. If you sign up for our Med-tech Monthly Facial Membership, you’ll get one free Skin Scan every 3 months along with the included Med-tech facial so you can continue to check your skin health progress (along with other amazingly awesome membership perks).

Are you ready to uncover the mystery of your skin? Book a Skin Scan today!

By Angela H.

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