Will Botox And Fillers Change The Way I Look?

Short answer, not if you go to the right injector! We hear from a lot of people that they are nervous injectables and fillers will change the way they look. Fortunately, at Kalvera Skin Therapy, we approach injectables and filler with a less is more approach. We focus on listening over judgment, sustainable skin health over immediate results, and restoring your natural beauty, rather than changing it.

Women looking in mirror.
Not all injectables will change the way you look! Be sure to do your homework before choosing an injector.

What are some key things to look for when picking the right injector? Opt for locations that are clean, inviting, and open to answering any and all questions. You should never feel pressured. Botox or filler discounted special? Run in the opposite direction. Price should not dictate your decision, this is your face we are talking about! Do your homework on the credentials and mastery of the injector. At Kalvera Skin Therapy, our Master Injectors are trained by a board-certified physician with education in facial anatomy. Lastly, take a peek at the staff at the location. Overdone lips? A forehead that doesn’t move? These are key signs that if you are hoping for a more natural look, this may not be the place for you. A lot of staff performing your services have the treatments done themselves. If you want a natural look, you’ll want your injector to emulate this.

By Angela H.

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