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Luminous Kit

$120.00 $99.00

With this kit, you can start and end your day with our signature three-step system.


With the exception of our Hydrating Toner, which contains honey, all of our products are 100% vegan, and none of our products has ever been tested on animals.

Includes The Following Products:
How to Use

Use in the morning and again in the evening in the following order:

  • Luminous Cleanser
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Multi-Action Serum

More detailed information is available on the individual product pages.


Luminous Cleanser

What if my skin cannot tolerate using the Luminous Cleanser every day?

We recommend supplementing the Luminous Cleanser with a gentle cleanser free from exfoliants. Ensure you thoroughly evaluate the ingredients since certain chemicals can impede your results.

Can I use the Luminous Cleanser to remove my make-up?

For best results, it’s always important to remove makeup prior to cleansing. This ensures that your cleanser can work hard at breaking down dirt and debris in your pores instead of working hard at breaking down your makeup. The Luminous Cleanser should never be used to remove makeup around the eyes as sensitivities can occur.

Hydrating Toner

Do I really need to use a Toner?

Yes, of course! For most people, toner is the one essential step they are missing in their routine! Our hydrating toner does double duty by removing acne causing bacteria while delivering moisture deep into the skin. Toner will also help balance your skin’s pH for optimal health!

If I’m acne prone is this still a good toner for me?

Our Hydrating Toner works great for all skin types. The hydrating toner contains a powerful prebiotic to boost the skin’s immunity to fight acne-causing bacteria. It also contains a highly concentrated Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acid to help reduce inflammation in the skin. Lastly, it will help keep oily acne prone skin well hydrated so it does not become too dried out.

Multi-Action Serum

What if my skin is still very dry even when using the serum twice daily?

Some patients may find that even when using the serum twice daily they still feel a little dry. If this is the case, try adding a cream moisturizer on at night. Ensure you thoroughly evaluate the ingredients since certain chemicals can impede your results.

If I have acne prone skin, do I still need to moisturize?

Yes, of course! One of the most skipped steps by those with acne prone skin is a moisturizer. When oily skin is not moisturized the skin sends signals to the brain that it’s not producing enough oil and will send you into a never-ending cycle! Our multi-action Serum is formulated to be light enough not to clog pores but hydrating enough to balance the skin. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce redness.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Luminous Kit

  1. Avatar


    I have been using the toner, cleanser and moisturizer for a number of years. When I get compliments from others on how good my skin looks I have to say these products have really helped my skin stay younger looking.

  2. Avatar

    Cynthia N

    I started using these products six months ago. I love this stuff! My face feels and looks so soft and smooth. I let my daughter try the cleanser and toner and she loved it. I am ordering the kit for my three daughter’s for Christmas gifts. I also use The Ageless spot serum and it has started to work already, just started using that about two weeks ago. Thank you!!

  3. Avatar


    When I started using the Luminous Kit, I had blotchy skin and often battled scaly patches around the edges of my nose. Within just a few days, these products cleared up the issues around my nose. It’s been months now, and those issues have never returned! I had tried dozens of drugstore products with NO results, so I was thrilled.

    I also saw the blotchy, uneven tone of my face begin to clear up within weeks of using the products. I can finally go out in public without makeup and still feel great about how I look!

    In addition, I’ve noticed my skin is much softer after using these products. My favorite is the Multi-Action Serum, which has such a light feel compared to lotions I’d tried previously. My pores seem less clogged and have definitely diminished in size.

    Overall, I’m amazed by these products and would recommend them to anyone!

  4. Avatar

    Sara Lyons
    (verified owner)

    Very gentle on my face. Makes my skin feel soft and hydrated.

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