I’m thrilled to have found that KalVera Skincare products are much kinder to my older skin (I’m 71) than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve used the Multi-Action Serum, the Luminous Cleanser, the Hydrating Toner and the Retinal Elixir for four months now and I can truly say my skin tone has improved and my face is not drying out during the day the way it did with other “stay young” products that promised results that, after a certain age, are impossible.

Gail Payette


The Retinal Elixir – don’t have enough words to describe how great it has been for my skin! I am 63 and I credit this product with keeping me looking fresher and better than I would without it. I have tried retinOl products in the past and they left my skin very irritated. This product does the opposite. I have perioral dermatitis around mouth and chin from time to time and, unlike anything and everything else, this product has calmed it down considerably with regular use. I love it, please never ever discontinue it!

Paula Holmes


I started using these products six months ago. I love this stuff! My face feels and looks so soft and smooth. I let my daughter try the cleanser and toner and she loved it. I am ordering the kit for my three daughters for Christmas gifts. I also use The Age Spot Remedy and it has started to work already, just started using that about two weeks ago. Thank you!!

Cynthia Neumann


I have been using these products for a while. The luminous cleanser is wonderful, my skin tones have evened out and my skin looks bright and healthy. The Age Spot Remedy is great for night to continue working on skin tone. I recently bought the retinal elixir and so far I love it. I use at night, it absorbs quickly.

Faye Barentine


I have been using the toner, cleanser, and moisturizer for a number of years. When I get compliments from others on how good my skin looks I have to say these products have really helped my skin stay younger looking.

Sheri C