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What Is a Vegan Skin Care Product?


When you think about your skin care products, you may not think about the ingredients that go into your products to make them effective for the treatment of different skin conditions. You might be sad to learn that quite a few of the ingredients found in most skin care products are either harsh chemicals or derived from animals. However, skin care products don’t have to contain chemicals or animal products to be effective. Here at Avanti Rx, we are dedicated to making natural skin care products and vegan skin care products that are only 100 percent plant and mineral based. With the exception of our Luminous Hydrating Toner, which contains honey, all of our products are vegan-friendly. If you’d like to learn more about vegan skin care products, keep reading!

What Makes Something Vegan?

If you don’t know much about veganism, you may not realize that being a vegan not only relates to someone’s diet, but it can also relate to a person’s entire way of life in choosing not eat or use anything that is animal-derived. You may not realize it, but a lot of products contain animal products, especially cosmetic products. When you choose to eat or use something that is vegan, you can be sure that the food or product in question did not involve an animal in any way. This includes the testing for the product. It may be easy to tell if food products are vegan or not simply by checking the ingredients for meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. However, when it comes to other products, you may not know the common ingredients that have been derived from an animal. The next time you go to use your skin care products or makeup, check the ingredients and compare them to the list below.


Animal-Derived Ingredients Commonly Found in Cosmetics

Chochineal Dye – You may also see the name listed as Carmine, and this ingredient is a dye that is collected from cochineal beetles that have been crushed. Cochineal beetles are sought-after for cosmetics due to the female beetles and their tendency to feed on red cactus berries, which can lead to a red dye being found in the beetles when crushed. This dye is used in many lipsticks and blush products.

Guanine – This crystalline material can be found in fish scales that have been crushed. Because of its crystal-like characteristics, guanine can create a shimmering effect that is often used in mascaras, nail polish, and lipsticks.

Tallow – Also known as animal fat, this ingredient is often found in eye makeup, lipstick, foundations, and makeup bases. Tallow is produced after taking the carcass of a dead animal and boiling it until a fatty substance is produced.

Gelatin – Often used to bind things together, and similar to tallow, gelatin is derived from boiled tendons, ligaments, bones, and skin from animals. This ingredient is often found in creamier cosmetics and nail products.

Glycerin – This ingredient can be tricky due to the fact that glycerin can be found in both animal and vegetable fats. For this product, it’s best to do some research on the company and if they say anything about their products being plant-based.

Lanolin – This ingredient is derived from animals that are wool-bearing and comes from the grease that their wool excretes. Lanolin is often found in makeup remover and lipstick.

Squalene – Found in shark livers and used as an ingredient in eye makeup and lipsticks.

Ambergris – This ingredient is particularly oily, which makes it the perfect candidate for use in perfumes to help “set” the scent into the perfume.

Collagen – While the human body naturally produces collagen, the collagen that can be found in most cosmetic and skin care products is derived from the protein that is found in animal tissue. This ingredient is usually found in lip gloss and lotions.

Estrogen – Again, while humans naturally produce estrogen, when estrogen is found in a cosmetic product, it is typically derived from the urine of pregnant horses. This ingredient can also be listed as estradiol, and is most often found in creams, lotions, and perfumes.

Retinol – One of the top ingredients found in anti-aging products, retinol is vitamin A that is typically taken from an animal.

Honey – While honey is a natural ingredient, because bees are responsible for making it in its purest form, honey can not be labeled vegan or vegan-friendly.

Depending on your lifestyle choice, vegan products may or may not be essential to your skincare routine. However, we can all probably agree that we’d much rather use natural skin care products that have only been derived from plants and minerals as opposed to taken from animals. As a more educated consumer, you can begin to make more conscious decisions about what you do and don’t want to put on and in your body. For natural skin care products and vegan skin care products, shop the products available at Avanti Rx today.


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