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Why You Should Use Natural Skin Care Products


When you’re walking down the beauty aisle at your local store, it can feel overwhelming when you’re faced with so many options for skin care products and other cosmetics. What most people don’t know is that their beauty products could actually be causing harmful side effects that they’re unaware of. Most beauty products are full of chemicals and additives that could increase people’s risk for health-related side effects. In a previous blog, we discussed common additives and chemicals that can be found in beauty products and why you should avoid them. Today, we’d like to talk about why natural skin care products are a better alternative and how using natural skin care products could actually benefit you.

How Are Natural Skin Care Products Better For Me?

Better For Your Health

In case you didn’t know, what you put on your skin will eventually find its way into your body. Your skin absorbs the lotions, creams, cosmetics, fragrances, and even the materials that you expose your body to for prolonged periods of time. To ensure that your body isn’t absorbing things, like harmful additives and chemicals, using natural products can go a long way in reducing your exposure to toxicity from the products you use. The elements found in most skin care products are treated like foreign elements to your body. Your body doesn’t know how to use chemicals and synthetic additives, so these elements often lead to things like allergic reactions, skin sensitivities, and other irritations. When you use natural skin care products, your body won’t be so confused about what to do with the elements that are entering your body through your skin.

Better For The Environment

When your skin care products are all-natural, you eliminate the need for synthetic materials for your products to be made, which reduces the environmental impact that the chemicals have on the earth. Our natural skin care products, here at Avanti Rx, are 100 percent plant-based and we only use the highest quality of ingredients that aren’t harmful to your skin or your body, so you can rest assured that they’re not bad for the environment either. Avanti Rx is also 100 percent committed to cruelty-free skin care products. All of our products have been certified by Leaping Bunny, as well as approved by PETA. Our products are never tested on animals, and they are also vegan-friendly.

Better Results

Because natural skin care products are made with higher quality, natural ingredients, they produce better results for both your skin and your health when you use them. A lof of natural or organic skin care products can be found on the market today, however, at Avanti Rx, our skin care products are both natural and physician-grade. This means that you will get the benefit of using natural skin care products that are better for your health and for the environment, but you will also get the benefit of skin care products that actually work to improve the appearance of blemishes, reduce the appearance of age spots, and to restore moisture to your skin.

When you choose to use our natural skin care products, there are even more ways that you’ll benefit:

  • Our products won’t cause irritation or inflammation
  • Our products won’t clog your pores
  • Our products can work for any skin type
  • Our products can work for all pigments
  • Our products are safe and effective for all ages

If you’ve been thinking about switching from conventional skin care products to all-natural skin care products, Avanti Rx has the products that you need for a healthy skin care routine. Shop our line of natural skin care products now!


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